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We cordially invite you all to this fully entertaining and informative web mag on Hinduism.

We brought you this site after a huge hard work spanning over two decades. We sincerely hope that you will appreciate our efforts and provide your full support to this worthwhile project and encourage your kids to use this site to educate themselves well on Hinduism.

The Dravidian moments that came to power in Tamilnadu of South India were adopting an ‘atheism’ policy and as a result, religious education was discontinued in schools. While in neighboring Sri Lanka it was and is a subject from Grade 3 to university level. This syllabus has been adopted in some schools in Singapore and Mauritius as well.

The contribution of Sri Arumuga Naavalar of Nallur, Jaffna of British Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) was of immense importance to the said syllabus.

In 1997 we started this service by publishing an illustrated book in Tamil, English, German and French. It was received well. However, we had to pause it due to the cost that went out of control.

Then in 2007, with the advancement in internet technology, we launched 

With the launch of this site, we have gone to the next level in technology – Educating with videos.

We sincerely hope, you will support our efforts.

Dedication to and a brief note of Sri Arumuga Naavalar of Nallur, Jaffna (1822 – 1879)

When Ceylon was under the British colonial administration, the Christian missionaries of America were establishing schools through which they were interested in spreading English Language education and of course Christianity.

During this time,  in Nallur, Jaffna, a baby boy, Arumugam was born to Kanthapillai and Sivakami on 12 December 1822.  He was a good learner and studied the Tamil language from his father who was a Tamil Pundit. He also learned Sanskrit and studied at the Wesleyan missionary school in Jaffna (currently Jaffna Central College) and thereby learned the English Language as well.

The headteacher of the school Rev Peter Percival spotted the talent of the boy and asked him to teach him the Tamil Language. When he was 20 years old, Arumugam became a teacher in the school.

Rev Percival wanted to translate the bible into Tamil and he decided it was Arumugam who would be the right person for the job and handed the assignment to him. Arumugam did an excellent translation and he was praised for his work and also commented well by the scholars in Madras (currently Chennai) in South India.

This translation was so powerful that many Hindus in Ceylon and South India had converted to Christianity by reading it. This disturbed Arumugam to a great extent. He was a true Saivaite (followers of Lord Shiva) and so he started to feel that his own religion needed some desperate help.

As a result, he left his job and leading a life of chastity, dedicated his life to Saivasim and Tamil.

He has written and published more than 60 books and established, ‘Saiva Pirakasa Vidiya Salai Schools in Jaffna and as well as in Chidambaram in South India. He started preaching in temples on divinity. As a result, the conversion rate fell. He had also set up ‘madalayam’ (centre for pilgrims) in Chithamparm in the vicinity of the famous Chithamparam ‘Nadaraja’ Temple which is still serving pilgrims.

His oratory skills were also equally powerful that he was given a special name ‘Naavalar’ (powerful orator). He was then on known as ‘Arumuga Naavalar’.

Arumuga Naavalar’s books such as ‘Question and Answers in Saivasim’ and ‘Palapadam’ (Lessons for Kids) etc, are the basis for the above-said syllabus and also of this site, we sincerely hope that you will support and join us in our endeavor to dedicate this site to Sri ‘Arumuga Naavalar’ of Nallur, Jaffna, of the British Ceylon who was matchless in his service in recent time to our religion and also to the Tamil Language.

Thank You

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