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The Granny, Avvaiyar

The Granny, Avvaiyar

Lord Muruga and the Granny, Avvaiyar

The Tamil Language is an ancient language and also it is categorized as a classical Language. The language generated lots of wonderful scholars whose works had been translated into different other foreign languages. Thiru-Valluvar who lived 2000 years ago and produced ‘Thiru-Kural’ was one among such great scholars and another one is ‘Granny Avaiyar’ who was an exceptional poet and also a wonderful disciple of Lord Muruga, the second son of Lord Shiva.

This is a story is about Granny Avvaiyar and Lord Muruga.

Granny Avvaiyar was a fantastic Tamil poet who lived a very long time ago in Tamil areas of the Southern part of India. She didn’t have any relatives and so lived as if she was an orphan. However she was a learned scholar and as a result, she had access to Kings Palaces and also in their courts at any time. She did not have any type of long-lasting place to live for and so often travel around by strolling.

She wrote several poems for youngsters like you to abide by a strongly disciplined life.

Granny Avvai’s poems such as ‘Aaththisoodi’, ‘Konraiventhan’, etc which have been served as pleasant simple poems that instruct youngsters great deals about living in the right way.

Here are some of the short words poems of Granny Avvaiyar:

‘Mathiyathar Thalai-vassal Mithiyaathey’ means ‘Never step-on the doorsteps of those who do not respect you’

‘Enn-Eluththu Ihalel’ means ‘Never, ever ignore the importance of learning’

‘Eeatpathu Iehalvu’ means ‘Begging is a disgrace’ (and so work hard to earn)

(You can see a list of ‘Aaththisoodi’ at the end of this story)

She has been applauded by everyone as an excellent female poet of all time that the Tamil language found.

Dear children, now, we welcome you all to read a pleasant little story about our poet granny Avvaiyar and our great playful God, Lord Murugan.

As with other tales on this site, we hope this also will definitely delight you.

Granny Avvaiyar

Cozy or Chilly Fruits for the Granny Avvaiyar?

We have indicated to you earlier that Avvaiyar was a great poet. No one determined properly yet about the native place where she was born.

Yet, she belonged to the whole Tamil globe, and while she was alive, she used to wander all over Tamil areas, teaching young children on great principles via her sweet little poems. While roaming in villages, she ate whatever meals the people of that village offered her with love.

Wherever she traveled, kids used to gather around her shouting fondly,” ‘Grandma’, ‘Grandma’, sing a sweet song for us!” and she obliged with new sweet songs for them.

Great Devotee of Lord Muruga

Avvaiyar was a great devotee of Lord Murugan. She worshipped Lord Murugan as her dearest God. She did not have a family or kids for herself, but, considered all kids she meets up in the villages as her own grandchildren, loved them all and instructed them with her really good moral poems and songs.

As such, Avvaiyar had treated Lord Murugan also as her God-child and loved him with great devotion.

Granny’s Pilgrimage to Pazhani

Once, she wanted to see the renowned Murugan temple called Pazhani which was located at the top of a big hill. As she was poor and could not afford any mode of transport such as horse or bullock cart, she was walking towards the temple, glorifying Lord Murugan.

On the way, she occurred to pass a thick forest where she found it really hard to walk on the rough way. As she had actually been walking from the morning, she was incredibly weary and famished.

She had no meals. So, she looked occasionally for any type of tree which bears edible fruits or roots.

The Tree with fruits and a…

At a brief distance, she discovered a Jambu tree that bore a lot of sweet Jambu fruits (Rose Apple) on its branches.

The fruits looked ripe and yummy as well as Avvaiyar wished to eat some fruits. Yet, as the tree was really high, the old granny might not climb up the tree to collect the fruits.

She was older and also fragile. She thought that it would be a lot better if there was anyone who can be of assistance to pick up some fruits. And on nearing the tree, there she saw a little boy sitting on a branch of the Jambu tree itself.

The Illiterate Little Shepherd Boy

Avvaiyar felt happy. She looked upon the face of the little boy. The boy looked gorgeous with an innocent but playful face. But he undoubtedly looked illiterate, a village boy. Avvaiyar thought that he might be a shepherd boy and of course, she was right. There was some buffaloes grazing grass at a little distance away from the tree.

‘This boy seems like an illiterate, village boy that tends to buffaloes for his living. It is actually a shame to beg of such an ignorant boy’s help to fill my tummy and also quench my thirst,’ the learned Granny thought with little ego.

But, the extreme hunger and tiredness joined together to urge her to request the boy’s help to get at least some of those rich and tasty fruits.

So, Avvaiyar went near the tree and called the boy,” Hey, little boy, I have actually been walking since the morning. I am exhausted and also starving. Will you be of some help to pluck some of those Jambu fruits from the tree to enable me to eat as well as relieve my thirst?”

The shepherd boy looked down at the old woman and laughed divinely.

Which Fruit?

“Okay, grandmother, I will pluck some fruits for you. Yet, advise me one thing initially. Do you want cozy (warm) fruits or chilly (cold) fruits?” he asked funnily.

Avvaiyar stood perplexed. She had learned a great deal in Tamil literature gained enough knowledge and also discussed a lot of it with much-learned scholars. She had actually learned of lots of trees as well as many fruits and flowers. Yet, nowhere in the world had she become aware of a ‘cozy fruit’ or ‘chilly fruit’ fresh from a tree. But, as that illiterate shepherd boy spoke about a cozy fruit, she thought that there must be some fun behind that.

So, she made up her mind and asked, “Okay, little boy, give me some cozy fruits!”.

The Granny and- the Shepherd Boy

The boy laughed once again and shook a branch of the tree which was full of ripe fruits.

A lot of ripe fruits and green fruits fell off to the ground below from that branch.

Granny Avvaiyar went near the tree eagerly and picked a couple of the fruits which looked appropriately ripe to consume.

The fruits looked ripe, yet there were some soil particles staying with the fruits.

In order to take out the soil bits, Avvaiyar sealed her lips and blew air heavily on the fruits similar to what we do to cool down a very warm cup of tea or coffee.

Seeing that, the shepherd boy giggled heartily and asked her, “Granny, are the fruits too cozy? m, mmm …, blow well, blow well.”

Avvaiyar, who had actually not expected such an inquiry from that shepherd boy stood in astonishment. She recognized then that the boy previously referred to the ripe fruits as ‘cozy fruits’ and unripe green fruits as ‘chilly fruits’ to tease her.

She felt embarrassed by the fact that she was defeated by an illiterate shepherd boy. She wanted to beg for his forgiveness for thinking low of him as an illiterate boy, and so looked up the tree for him.

The boy was not to be seen there.

The Lord and the Granny

But, suddenly, at the middle of that thick hilly forest, Lord Murugan appeared before her and giggled divinely with love and admiration.

Lord Murugan was seated on his beautiful peacock and also looked divinely magnificent. He held his powerful weapon, the spear in his hand.

“My dear Grandma Avvai, I recognized that you were tired and famished and that there is nobody to assist you in this thick forest. That is why I came right here to help you. In the meantime, I wanted to tease you a little. You yourself have actually educated all that we ought not to evaluate people by their appearance.

You are a much-learned and also talented Tamil poet. I bless you with a long and also worthwhile life on this earth”, Lord Murugan blessed her as he disappeared.

Feeling very pleased that her dearest God himself had actually come there to assist her and bless her, Grandma Avvai sang several stunning songs glorifying Lord Murugan and worshipped the Lord with love.

Pazhani Murugan

Granny Avvaiyar’s Aaaththisoodi

1. அறம் செய விரும்பு / 1. Learn to love virtue.

2. ஆறுவது சினம் / 2. Control anger.

3. இயல்வது கரவேல் / 3. Don’t forget Charity.

4. ஈவது விலக்கேல் / 4. Don’t prevent philanthropy.

5. உடையது விளம்பேல் / 5. Don’t betray confidence.

6. ஊக்கமது கைவிடேல் / 6. Don’t forsake motivation.

7. எண் எழுத்து இகழேல் / 7. Don’t despise learning.

8. ஏற்பது இகழ்ச்சி / 8. Don’t freeload.

9. ஐயம் இட்டு உண் / 9. Feed the hungry and then feast.

10. ஒப்புரவு ஒழுகு / 10. Emulate the great.

11. ஓதுவது ஒழியேல் / 11. Discern the good and learn.

12. ஒளவியம் பேசேல் / 12. Speak no envy.

13. அகம் சுருக்கேல் / 13. Don’t shortchange.

14. கண்டொன்று சொல்லேல் / 14. Don’t flip-flop.

15. ஙப் போல் வளை / 15. Bend to befriend.

16. சனி நீராடு / 16. Shower regularly.

17. ஞயம்பட உரை / 17. Sweeten your speech.

18. இடம்பட வீடு எடேல் / 18. Judiciously space your home.

19. இணக்கம் அறிந்து இணங்கு / 19. Befriend the best.

20. தந்தை தாய்ப் பேண் / 20. Protect your parents.

21. நன்றி மறவேல் / 21. Don’t forget gratitude.

22. பருவத்தே பயிர் செய் / 22. Husbandry has its season.

23. மண் பறித்து உண்ணேல் / 23. Don’t land-grab.

24. இயல்பு அலாதன செய்யேல் / 24. Desist demeaning deeds.

25. அரவம் ஆட்டேல் / 25. Don’t play with snakes.

26. இலவம் பஞ்சில் துயில் / 26. The cotton bed is better for comfort.

27. வஞ்சகம் பேசேல் / 27. Don’t sugar-coat words.

28. அழகு அலாதன செய்யேல் / 28. Detest the disorderly.

29. இளமையில் கல் / 29. Learn when young.

30. அரனை மறவேல் / 30. Cherish charity.

31. அனந்தல் ஆடேல் / 31. Oversleeping is obnoxious.

32. கடிவது மற / 32. Constant anger is corrosive.

33. காப்பது விரதம் / 33. Saving lives is superior to fasting.

34. கிழமைப்பட வாழ் / 34. Make wealth beneficial.

35. கீழ்மை அகற்று / 35. Distance from the wicked.

36. குணமது கைவிடேல் / 36. Keep all that is useful.

37. கூடிப் பிரியேல் / 37. Don’t forsake friends.

38. கெடுப்பது ஒழி / 38. Abandon animosity.

39. கேள்வி முயல் / 39. Learn from the learned.

40. கைவினை கரவேல் / 40. Don’t hide knowledge.

41. கொள்ளை விரும்பேல் / 41. Don’t swindle.

42. கோதாட்டு ஒழி / 42. Ban all illegal games.

43. கெளவை அகற்று / 43. Don’t vilify.

44. சக்கர நெறி நில் / 44. Honor your Lands Constitution.

45. சான்றோர் இனத்து இரு / 45. Associate with the noble.

46. சித்திரம் பேசேல் / 46. Stop being paradoxical.

47. சீர்மை மறவேல் / 47. Remember to be righteous.

48. சுளிக்கச் சொல்லேல் / 48. Don’t hurt others’ feelings.

49. சூது விரும்பேல் / 49. Don’t gamble.

50. செய்வன திருந்தச் செய் / 50. Action with perfection.

51. சேரிடம் அறிந்து சேர் / 51. Seek out, good friends.

52. சையெனத் திரியேல் / 52. Avoid being insulted.

53. சொற் சோர்வு படேல் / 53. Don’t show fatigue in conversation.

54. சோம்பித் திரியேல் / 54. Don’t be lazybones.

55. தக்கோன் எனத் திரி / 55. Be trustworthy.

56. தானமது விரும்பு / 56. Be kind to the unfortunate.

57. திருமாலுக்கு அடிமை செய் / 57. Serve the protector.

58. தீவினை அகற்று / 58. Don’t sin.

59. துன்பத்திற்கு இடம் கொடேல் / 59. Don’t attract suffering.

60. தூக்கி வினை செய் / 60. Deliberate every action.

61. தெய்வம் இகழேல் / 61. Don’t defame the divine.

62. தேசத்தோடு ஒட்டி வாழ் / 62. Live in unison with your countrymen.

63. தையல் சொல் கேளேல் / 63. Don’t listen to designing.

64. தொன்மை மறவேல் / 64. Don’t forget your past glory.

65. தோற்பன தொடரேல் / 65. Don’t compete if sure of defeat.

66. நன்மை கடைப்பிடி / 66. Adhere only to the beneficial.

67. நாடு ஒப்பன செய் / 67. Do nationally agreeables.

68. நிலையில் பிரியேல் / 68. Don’t depart from good standing.

69. நீர் விளையாடேல் / 69. Don’t jump into a watery grave.

70. நுண்மை நுகரேல் / 70. Don’t over snack.

71. நூல் பல கல் / 71. Read a variety of materials.

72. நெற்பயிர் விளைவு செய் / 72. Grow your own staple.

73. நேர்பட ஒழுகு / 73. Exhibit good manners always.

74. நைவினை நணுகேல் / 74. Don’t involve in destruction.

75. நொய்ய உரையேல் / 75. Don’t dabble in sleaze.

76. நோய்க்கு இடம் கொடேல் / 76. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle.

77. பழிப்பன பகரேல் / 77. Speak no vulgarity.

78. பாம்பொடு பழகேல் / 78. Keep away from the vicious.

79. பிழைபடச் சொல்லேல் / 79. Watch out for self-incrimination.

80. பீடு பெற நில் / 80. Follow the path of honor.

81. புகழ்ந்தாரைப் போற்றி வாழ் / 81. Protect your benefactor.

82. பூமி திருத்தி உண் / 82. Cultivate the land and feed.

83. பெரியாரைத் துணைக் கொள் / 83. Seek help from the old and wise.

84. பேதைமை அகற்று / 84. Eradicate ignorance.

85. பையலோடு இணங்கேல் / 85. Don’t comply with idiots.

86. பொருள்தனைப் போற்றி வாழ் / 86. Protect and enhance your wealth.

87. போர்த் தொழில் புரியேல் / 87. Don’t encourage war.

88. மனம் தடுமாறேல் / 88. Don’t vacillate.

89. மாற்றானுக்கு இடம் கொடேல் / 89. Don’t accommodate your enemy.

90. மிகைபடச் சொல்லேல் / 90. Don’t over dramatize.

91. மீதூண் விரும்பேல் / 91. Don’t be a glutton.

92. முனைமுகத்து நில்லேல் / 92. Don’t join an unjust fight.

93. மூர்க்கரோடு இணங்கேல் / 93. Don’t agree with the stubbornness.

94. மெல்லி நல்லாள் தோள்சேர் / 94. Stick with your exemplary wife.

95. மேன்மக்கள் சொல் கேள் / 95. Listen to men of quality.

96. மை விழியார் மனை அகல் / 96. Dissociate from the jealous.

97. மொழிவது அற மொழி / 97. Speak with clarity.

98. மோகத்தை முனி / 98. Hate any desire for lust.

99. வல்லமை பேசேல் / 99. Don’t self-praise.

100. வாது முற்கூறேல் / 100. Don’t gossip or spread rumors.

101. வித்தை விரும்பு / 101. Long to learn.

102. வீடு பெற நில் / 102. Work for a peaceful life.

103. உத்தமனாய் இரு / 103. Lead exemplary life.

104. ஊருடன் கூடி வாழ் / 104. Live amicably.

105. வெட்டெனப் பேசேல் / 105. Don’t be harsh with words and deeds.

106. வேண்டி வினை செயேல் / 106. Don’t premeditate harm.

107. வைகறைத் துயில் எழு / 107. Be an early-riser.

108. ஒன்னாரைத் தேறேல் / 108. Never join your enemy.

109. ஓரம் சொல்லேல் / 109. Be impartial in judgment.

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