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Lord Ganesh’s Mango

Lord Ganesh’s Mango
This is a sweet story of how little Ganesh won a mango by his wise act.
As you read earlier that the new things start off with a prayer to Lord Ganesh, you will also notice here that this important area, the stories section starts off with Lord Ganesh.
Hope you will enjoy this sweet story and let’s pray the Lord for the blessing to the HKW Team to bring you more.

Little Lord Ganesh & The Wonderous Mango

Long ago, Shiva, the Lord of the Universe was seated on Mount Kailash with his consort Umadevi. Shiva-Ganas, the servants and armies of Lord Shiva, devotees, and sages stood around them in worshipful reverence.  

Little Lord Muruga and Lord Ganesha were playing some distance away.

The poet sage Naratha appeared on the scene singing sweetly. “Narayana… Mahadeva….”He held a “Magathy Veena”, a musical instrument, in one hand, and in the other was a beautiful mango fruit.

The sweet smell of the mango, which shone like gold, filled the whole of Kailash.” Welcome, Naratha… Welcome… My blessing to you”, Lord Shiva blessed him.

“Lord, this fruit that I have in my hand is a rare fruit with wondrous powers.

My father, Lord Brahma gave it to me. Rather than I eating it, it would be more appropriate that you, the Lord of the universe, eat it. So, I have come here to give this to you. ” Naratha said respectfully and placed the mango at the feet of the Lord.

Lord Shiva accepted the fruit with a smile and handed it over to Umadevi, his consort.” Devi, it is the sacred truth that there is no Shivam without Sakthi (refers to the power of Umadevi), and that  I cannot exist without you. So, you should eat the fruit”, said Lord Shiva.

Umadevi smiled affectionately.” Lord, I have merged myself into you, forming one half of your being. I need no greater boon than this. So, let us give the fruit to the children”, replied  Umadevi.

The Trouble is How to Share a Mango Between Two Kids

The children who had all this while been playing, came running and stood before their parents.” Father… Mother… let me have the fruit”, said little Muruga, holding out his hand quickly.

“Father… Mother… I am the elder. So the fruit should be given to me…” claimed little Ganesha, reaching out with his trunk.” Lord, cut the fruit into two halves and let them share it” said Umadevi feeling sorry for them.

The Lord laughed.”No, Devi. This is a rare fruit with special powers. It should not be shared. It ought to be given to only one person. I want to find out which of our sons deserves this fruit. I am going to give them a test” said the Lord.

The Solution is…

Then he addressed his sons.

“Sons, the one who goes around all the three worlds, heaven, nether world and earth, and comes back first will get the fruit”, he said.

Both his sons bowed before him and said: “Let it be so, father”.

The Time Is of the Essence

The younger one little Muruga was very enterprising. Not wasting even a second, he got on his vehicle, the peacock. The beautiful peacock flew into the skies carrying him.

Lord Ganesha’s vehicle, the mouse, swished its tail getting ready for the ride.

But, Lord Ganesha did not mount his vehicle. Instead, he was lost deep in thought.

At the same time, Lord Muruga’s vehicle, the peacock was carrying him around the three worlds.

The devas, humans, and giants living in the three worlds worshiped him and showered him with flowers.

Meanwhile, Lord Ganesha who was thinking had an idea.

“Lord Shiva is the ruler of the Universe. His consort Umadevi represents his power. All lives and all worlds originated from them both.

So, if I came round them, I would not only have gone round the three worlds but also all the entire universe” he thought.

Thinking along these lines and coming to a decision, he went around his mother Umadevi and Father Lord Shiva and bowed before them.

Lord Shiva, pleased with his son’s intelligence, respect, and affection towards his parents, gave the precious mango to little Lord Ganesha and blessed him.

And The Winner Is

By the way, you may wonder what could have happened when Lord Muruga returned. He would have been annoyed or even very crossed., Right?

Well, that is another big story and we will catch it up later.

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